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Dumpster Service for Contractors


We maintain long-term partnerships and  well established associations with several business sectors, including:​

  • General Contractors

  • Developers

  • Home Builders

  • Remodeling Contractors

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Property Managers

  • Architects

  • Government Agencies

Tom Schlegel is the owner and founder of B&L Dumpsters. Tom has worked in the residential home construction and remodeling industry for over 38 years and in commercial and high-rise construction for over a decade.  They understand how important it is to make sure your debris removal doesn't become another time consuming task for you and your PMs to deal with. 

You need dumpster service to be quick, effortless AND RELIABLE. To help meet that need, B&L developed the dumpster industry's first APP for ordering service. No other dumpster company makes ordering service as fast and easy as B&L Dumpsters!  Once you establish your account with us, we'll get you set up on the APP. It takes less than one minute to install, works on any device, and enables you to order service in under 10 seconds, 24/7, with just 3 clicks! And, of course, you can always call or text us for service!

Click the play button on the video to see a preview of our APP!

We understand how important it is to manage costs on a project and we make sure to provide the absolute best service every time, at the best price possible to provide that service.  Here's a few questions to consider:

1) How long does it take to order service?  (Check the time stamp on your cell phone logs and see.)

2) How many days did you wait for the service to be completed?

3) Did your crews overload the dumpster because the service wasn't timely?

4) Does the dumpster on site now look reasonably clean and presentable, or is it a beat-up rusty box full of holes?

5) Does it add to the appearance of your project, or detract from it?

6) If you need urgent service because a zoning inspector is coming sooner that you anticipated, will your current provider do everything they possibly can to get the dumpster pulled BEFORE the inspector arrives?

"Cheap isn't quality and quality isn't cheap."

Here are the answers for customers of B&L Dumpsters:

1) Usually less than 5 seconds, and not more than 10 seconds.

2) Often same day service and never beyond the end of the next business day.

3) That won't happen with B&L Dumpsters. Tom is out and about checking on our dumpster fill status all day. It's not uncommon for him to call you to let you know the dumpster is full and needs service!

4) Dumpsters take a beating, no question. If one start to get a little rough looking, it is pulled out of service and refurbished to look as close to new as possible. Our trucks get washed regularly too. We look good, so you look good.

5) See number 4) above.

6) Yes, we do. All we have to offer is service. If you need something, call Tom directly and ask. Even if it's not dumpster related! Tom has countless contacts and resources and will always do everything he can to help.

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